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Oct 9, 2012 11:00am PDT
not continuing the message about pre-existing conditions or taxes or regulations. he's flip-flopping again, and he opens himself up to the charge that he's a guy that has no core again. this is a charge that the obama campaign started in the beginning. >> i want to get michael in on this as well. i don't want to tag team you here, but you heard steve screaming from mount high that's hogwash. >> you heard it at least the way i believe it. the base of the gop has been waiting for a groin shot to the president. i hate to say it that way, and this is as close as they've come. the aggressiveness of mitt romney in that debate is what they buy into, not so much the you substance. >> steve. >> maybe somebody who is a member of the gop base can answer these questions. the reality is -- just saying. >> you are also part of the club you don't like mitt romney fan club. who are you? >> i don't. that's what's so unique about this. what's funny about this is conservatives around the country couldn't stand stewart stevens and they couldn't stand eric in the romney campaign. conservatives around the count
Oct 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
they were buried. >> he has to reply. he has to say because of the unfair tax system. he has to be very particular. i would do this. i'd play offense. i'd do it nicely. the genius of governor romney last week was that he masked his lack of did he have ferchs with cord yalt at this and civility. he talked about the 20th anniversary, this isn't a very romantic advise. he called him mr. president. no cheap shots like mr. obama but then the whole debate he used that civility to mask a total lack of deference. i get the sense he was looking at the president right in the eye for an hour and a half with total disdain. i think the president to his discredit couldn't handle it. he sh you had have looked him in the eye and said, this knit whit, who is he. whatever it takes to stare down a guy who doesn't like you. >> like i'm staring you down. >> no, you do it nicely. there are a couple of things, quite seriously. if i were joe biden, i'm not joe biden, i'd go after a couple of things hard. how does an 82-year-old or 92-year-old man, get on their bicycle, the car, rent a cab, they go out and find
Oct 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
romney and ryan support preserving tax cuts for all the capital gains and carried interest. everything else, my friend, your mortgage interest tax deduction and everything else is on table. >> okay. if that was the high point of joe biden talking about the economy last night we have a long way to go. americans still don't believe the stimulus worked. we're dealing with the weak economy. that's reality to people. >> but we also know , jonathan, let me jump in here. congressman ryan, they heard that he asked for stimulus money. are democrats now fired up? we were in kentucky live. we talked to people all day, talked to people this morning. i found it intriguing that people have been criticizing joe biden. we clearly know what his mission was. i even said we should play the music from "mission: impossible" and show his face. his commission was clear, he opened the envelope, he read it, it get get 'em and he did. obviously conservatives would not like that tone, not like that congressman ryan was interrupted, i believe they said like 17 times. who's counting. the bottom line, david, was it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)